Velocity Wing Sail

Handcrafted Excellence

Are you a kiteboarder, kitesurfer or sailor?  Just because the water has frozen doesn’t mean that you have to stop sailing!  Velocity Wing Sails are an exciting and accessible way to enjoy the winter!

Velocity Wing Sails are the world’s only custom builder of personal handheld wings. Descended from years of experience in the hang gliding and ultralight aircraft space, Velocity Wing Sails are your connection to the ultimate wing sailing experience. Each wing is hand made using the finest quality Aircraft Grade hardware and cloth. Sails are individually made to fit your frame, each wing is produced just for you.

Never before has a company that actually specializes in wing construction come on board to build handheld wings for sailing. Decades of expertise in designing and building wings are woven into every Velocity Wing Sail. North Wing of Chelan, Washington, USA, has been at the apex of weight shift wing design since the 1980s. During this time, the brand became synonymous with excellence, pride, and integrity. All materials are aircraft grade, and construction is held to the highest standards. Family-owned operated and proudly made in the USA!

“All I can say is – SUPERB! This wing is so well balanced, it is feather light with plenty of manageable horsepower. No bucking or yawing, just smooth power when sheeted in, and gliding in neutral when sheeted out. I installed a harness line and never even used it, it was so easy on the hands just flying itself. The size seemed perfect, along with the preset reflex (I love this feature).”  Rich M, Michigan

V3 Wing Sail

The smaller of our two models with a 3m2 sail, the V3 offers a stable and fast sail for lighter riders or times when the winds are high. Great for using with skates on ice!

V5 Wing Sail

The larger V5 model with a 5m2 sail works best in light winds, for larger riders and with skis on snow.


V3 Wing Sail $1,775
V5 Wing Sail $1,875
*All prices are in Canadian dollars. Sails are F.O.B. Sherbrooke, Quebec.  Please contact us to order your Sail!  Prices do not include delivery.