WWS Training Dinghy

We all started somewhere! The World Wide Sailor is the best-selling training Optimist dinghy in the world. Made with pride in The Netherlands and equipped with Optiparts school-level spars and foils.  The sleeved mainsail makes it easy to rig.

It’s strong yet light Trilam PE, UV-resistant hull ensures excellent sailing performance.

The World Wide Sailor sailboat has been specially designed for training sessions, with its extra reinforcements at vital points in the hull. This Optimist is easy to handle, will always stay afloat and is self-bailing. After capsizing, there is hardly any water left in the cockpit, making the dinghy extremely safe and efficient during training sessions.

Hulls are available in 6 different colours. Instructors can use colours to group students, making the training field safer and orderly.  The World Wide Sailor can be equipped with many OPTIPARTS fittings, including spars and blades.


• Extra strong Mast thwart mounted with 8 stainless steel crews
• Extra strong no friction dagger-board case, strong and ergonomic
• Possibility to put in a ratchet block to create a regatta main-sheet system

“Ready to sail” and comes equipped with:

• Hiking straps
• Durable sleeve sail with window and battens
• Reinforced webbing tack and clew
• Blocks, sheets, and halyard included
• Dyneema rope ties for boom block and lower block
• Complete Spar set: mast, sprit, and boom made of high grade aluminum with pro Clam Cleats
• Foils (dagger board and rudder) made of superior Mahogany marine plywood
• Rudder complete with tiller and extension
• Drain Plugs
• Inspection Hatches
• Dagger Board Friction Rubber

The Tech Specs

Length: 2.37m | 7.8 ft
Beam: 1.20 m | 3.9 ft
Sail Area: 3.5 m2 | 35 ft2
Full weight: 39 kg | 85.8 lbs

Please visit Worldwide Sailor at www.wwsailor.com for more information.

WWS – Complete Boat $2,650 $3,575.00

*American prices are in American dollars and Canadian prices are in Canadian dollars! Boats are F.O.B. Newport, VT or Sherbrooke, Quebec.  Please contact us to order your boat!