Parallel 45 Marine is a sister company to Topper Sailboats Canada. Over the last few years, Topper Canada has experienced tremendous growth, in a large part by participating in boat shows across Canada. At shows across the country, small boat sailors were disappointed by the limited selection of boats available. We heard and established Parallel 45 Marine to expand the selection of boats available to the Canadian small boat sailor!

For the 2019 Toronto International Boat Show we brought in Foiling World’s F101 Foiling Trimaran and White Formula’s award-winning Whisper Foiling Catamaran. The reception was astounding! For 2020 we added the innovative RS21 Keelboat, the ever-popular Wayfarer along with Wanderer from Hartley Boats. For 2021 we now carry the exciting RS line of dinghies.

The excitement, enthusiasm and response from fellow sailors, encouraged us to set up Parallel 45 Marine to introduce new boats to the North American market.  After a mind-blowing trip to the Royal Yachting Association’s Dinghy Show we realized that there are numerous boats that sailors in Canada and the USA would love to have access to.  We are actively negotiating with several companies to bring new and exciting boats to this side of the pond!

Why the name Parallel 45 Marine; we are located halfway between the Equator and the North Pole right on the Canada/USA border (the 45th Parallel).  Being an hour and a half from the Port of Montreal makes it economical and practical to import boats from Europe and the U.K.  Being centrally located between Boston, Montreal, New York and Toronto put Parallel 45 right in the middle of a phenomenal transportation hub making it possible to get a boat to you no matter where you are.

Parallel 45 Marine is looking forward to meeting you at shows and on the water as we begin our new and exciting journey.